Thursday, November 27, 2014

GUS and PvP

The people launching this server seem to be in agreement in that a small set of PvPers tend to ruin games. A game would probably be dead is there was no PvP and for an MMORPG to have good PvP the game designers need to always think about it even if the goal for the server experience it PvE.

SWG is an older game and changes to the PvP experience also have an impact on the PvE experience and vice versa. Right now the agreement seems to be that the developers will listen to PvPer issues and balance complaints. These will be evaluated to see if there is a real problem that needs to be addressed. If the conclusion is that there is a real problem, then the developers would start looking at possible ways to deal with the problem. This means that there will probably be no quick fixes and very rarely will the fix be the change that the players ask for.

There are some other aspects of PvP that will be different between GUS and SWG Live and other Emu servers. For example, unless the development team decides to make Jedi as powerful as they were earlier in the CU there is no need to keep the Jedi perk of an additional character slot on the server or the Jedi control of visibility. There would also be no reason to add in the controls of Permadeath or no ownership of structures. There were appropriate disincentives to play Jedi at a time when they were super powered that do not fit with Publish 14.1 Jedi.

The removal of Jedi visibility does mean that the PBS will be delayed until the code can be added to allow players to place bounties on players that killed them.

There is one suggestion that may be added though. The suggestion was to add a character flag that players can toggle. The default would be off and would allow individual Jedi characters to turn on gaining visibility because they like the hunted aspect of the PBS. If this is easy to do there is a good chance to add that.

Right not there has been no discussion about changing Guild War or Factional PvP. Right now the thought is that the FRS was extremely broken and that it would not be enabled until it could be re-designed. What may happen is a series of quest chains to grant the FRS titles and robes as rewards. The top rank would of course not be available but the robe may be. One suggestion is that a Blue Glowie Obi-Wan would start these quest chains in the Light Enclave and a Darth Maul, which according to the Disney Canon is still alive, would start the quest chains in the Dark Enclave. One advantage of this is that the Light and Dark paths could be disconnected from the Rebel and Imperial factions and locked in Special Forces status.

Thoughts, ideas, comments?

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